DuraTrax Installation Service

Number of Tracks to Install:
We are pleased to have a team of specialised installers that offer an Installation Service in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga & Christchurch.

Installation price per track is the same regardless of track length (track lengths vary between 0.85m & 1.2m). Minimum charge is $75.00 which covers up to three tracks. The more tracks you require to be installed, the lower the installation cost becomes per track. 

For example, if you have four tracks that need installing, simply select "Four Tracks" and select "Quantity - 1"

Note: Price excludes purchase of tracks, hooks or accessories. Strictly installation service only charge. Charges shown do not cover installation on masonry  or metal framed walls. Contact us to discuss pricing for these.

Once you have completed your purchase, one of our friendly team will contact you to arrange your installation. Installation usually takes place within 5-7 working days. 

After a customised install or something out of the ordinary? Please send us a message through our Contact Us page. 

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