• Having a well organised storage system within your home can increase its value, not to mention just making life easier. Stor-A-Wall can be used to create storage space in the lounge to create a feature or green wall; in bedrooms for wardrobe or kids toy storage and in the laundry to keep all your cleaning supplies safely in your reach.  Keep your entrance area clear with shoe racks, shelves, hooks and bins for all that stuff that usually just gets dumped on the way in! 
  • The humble Kiwi garage has long been a multi-purpose space but sharing that space can be a challenge.With Stor-A-Wall you no longer have to clamber over a mountain of tools, gardening gear and bikes just to get to your car.  Create the ideal Man Cave or workshop by using our bins for small items, hooks for tools and wire bins for everything else! If having a home gym has always tickled your fancy but you've been short on space, use Stor-A-Wall to store your weights, bands, rollers and more on the wall to free up your floor. That way you're free to spend more time focusing on your gains!
  • The average Kiwi house size is increasing but our outdoor space is decreasing which makes Stor-A-Wall is the perfect solution to all your garden needs. Create a vertical herb garden that you could even hang on your deck or just fill it with flowers to hang on your fence to create an outdoor feature wall. You get the look you lust after less the weeds that a regular garden often has.   Apartment dwellers this is a great one for you to; use Stor-A-Wall for plants or if that doesn't float your boat use it for storing bikes and other items on your deck without losing valuable space. Looks great too!
  • The office area can often be a space that gets filled with chaos. With Stor-A-Wall you can store your items vertically to keep your desk surfaces clear and free from clutter.  We offer many accessories that can be used for storing all types of office items. You'll instantly become more productive with your time!