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8 great uses for your newly carpeted garage


Garage Themes Kids.jpg

Kids' Space 

Great for getting them out from under your feet. Invaluable on rainy days. And it doesn’t matter if they spill anything on the floor.



Man Space

It’s true… men need spaces. Here, they can do as they please.

Music Space

Get the band back together or create a family music room.


Garage Themes Gym.jpg

Gym Space 

Leave your exercise gear set up and you’ll be more likely to work out. Plus, you can work out even when it’s raining.

Garage Themes Laundry.jpg

Laundry Space 

If your washing machine and dryer are in the garage, you can say good-bye to cold concrete under your feet.



Theatre Space

Set up a projector (they’re quite affordable these days). Having movie night on the big screen in the garage is so much more fun than sitting in the lounge. Popcorn… lights… action!

Your Space

Why have teenagers hanging around inside the house when they could have their own space in the garage?


Garage Themes Office.jpg

Office Space

Why clutter your lounge with an office? Separate work from home, with a warm, dry home office in your garage.