Garage Carpet service low cost in Auckland, Taurange, Hamilton, Christchurch, Wellington

WE’RE Number one Garage carpet Specialists in Auckland, Taurange, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch in NEW ZEALAND.  We only ever use premium products. Our job is to help you get the most out of your garage to give you a warm, comfortable, luxurious space.


Frequently Asked Questions


+ Can I get a FREE quote?

Yes. We are more than happy to provide you with a FREE no-obligation quote.

+ What are my colour choices?

We have five colours for you to choose from. To view, click here.

+ Which regions of NZ do you cover?

We cover Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Christchurch. If you live within 30 minutes of any of these areas, we can install garage carpet for you, too.

+ How soon can you install my new premium garage carpet?

Once we receive your order, we like to install within 7 days. If you’d like it sooner, please discuss this with us and we’ll see what we can do.

+ Do I get a warranty?

Yes, absolutely. All our products come with a 5-year warranty, so you have peace-of-mind.

+ Do I have to pay a deposit?

We’re a trusting, honest bunch. We like to think you are, too, so no deposit is required.

+ I know that when it’s laid, carpet has joins. Will I be able to see them?

You may be able to detect where a join is. But we promise, they are virtually invisible.

+ I’ve seen some garage carpets with a nice, tidy strip where the carpet meets the garage entrance. Can have one, too?

Absolutely! We take great pride in making garages look fantastic. A neat rubber edging is included in your price. But for really nice finish (and a touch of class), we recommend our popular aluminium edging. It’s more durable, and gives your garage a sharp, clean finish.

+ I know the carpet is glued down. How long do I have to wait before I can park my car on it?

To get the best result, it’s important you wait 48 hours before driving your car on to the carpet to allow the glue to set. You will notice slight indentations from car tyres (just as you see in household-carpet from furniture). However, by waiting 48 hours you are giving the glue time to fully set without the carpet fibres being compressed by tyres. This means you will be able to brush out any indentations later. For example, when you leave your car outside because you want to use your beautiful new garage as an entertaining space.

+ It’s been raining. What happens when I park my wet car in the garage?

Don’t worry. Your carpet is made from a 100% water-proof synthetic material. It won’t absorb moisture, rot or smell, and the water will evaporate naturally.

+ What’s the best way to keep my garage carpet clean and looking great?

Garages are always exposed to dust and leaves. The good news is, you can vacuum your garage carpet just like you do your household. Even better, we give you our Carpet Care Kit absolutely FREE. It includes a specially-formulated garage cleaning solution, so you can keep your garage looking its best.

+ I’ve heard about garage door insulation. Do you do that as well?

Yes, we do. We install insulation specially designed to fit the spaces in your garage door that will dramatically improve the warmth of your garage.

+ What about garage ceiling insulation?

Yes, we do that, too. We suggest you insulate your ceiling before your garage door. This is because garages lose around 35% of their heat through the ceiling and around 20% through the door. For a really warm garage, we recommend both. When your garage is warm, you’ll use it more often and the whole family will love it.

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